Choices for Joy

A Book for Our Times

 We live in a time of great transformation - a time when creative solutions to local, national and world crises are needed. While we must stay aware and be proactive, we must also guard against dwelling in the fear, frustration, pain and anger that current politics and environmental concerns can evoke. We need Choices for Joy. 

When our nervous system goes into fight or flight, we become hyper-focused on survival and the creative, problem solving part of our brain shuts down. Research shows that taking time for joy, happiness and gratitude actually broadens our ability to cope and to find solutions. They are not frivolous in times of great need, they are essential. Make Choices for Joy.

A Guide for Deep Well-Being

Joy is a radical choice - and, an incredible tool for making perfect choices. We need to stop thinking we can't trust it. Joy is something we should lead our lives with. Expand your own capacity for joy, learn to play more and discover the wonder of living an ecstatic life.

Choices for Joy gives you tools for unplugging from the things that distract or burden you. It teaches you to tap into your true gifts and passions. The tools themselves are enjoyable - no waiting required. Leave stress, fear and exhaustion behind while tapping into what gives you joy and vitality.


“This week, life threw me for a loop. I've had a terrible time pulling myself together. So I curled up with a cup of tea to re-read Choices for Joy. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you C. Rhalena Renee, I again see there is good in this world and I am focusing on the joy that is life.” ~ Brenda Metz  .

  “A deeply interesting and impactful read.” ~ Megan Epperson  

 “C. Rhalena's writing reaches out to your head and heart. With profound clarity, humor and overflowing love, she explains the importance of the emotions shared with each of us by the divine.” ~ Lieutenant David Drain 

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