Why is there so much tea drinking in the first book of the Spiraling Past Series: "In the Arms of the Spiral"? There's a lot of magic in a cup of tea.


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Kris Steinnes interviews me on her radio show "Voices of Women". We talk about magic, nature, circles, characters from the book and more. 

It's More Than Just a Novel

Want a good read? In the Arms of the Spiral has something for everyone.

Want a peek into the life of a modern day witch? This is a book of fiction, but draws upon real life experiences, actual rituals and daily practices.

Want to learn a few tools to understand life as an empath, intuitive, psychic or sensitive? Each character has select gifts, see how they work with them.

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Hi, you will find events specifically about the Spiraling Past series - and also related events, such as Wheel of the Year celebrations. 

Some of these will be at private homes and you will need to RSVP to get the address - I look forward to meeting you!    ~ Lena

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