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Why is there so much tea drinking in the first book of the Spiraling Past Series: "In the Arms of the Spiral"? There's a lot of magic in a cup of tea.


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The Spiraling Past Series - Book 1

A Teaching Novel

Through the lives of this circle of friends, Lena offers wisdom teachings, answers questions about past lives, earth-centered living, and the intimacies of circlework.  She teaches us about the bridge between realities. Crossing this bridge we meet Elan, the wise Elder, whose enigmatic counsel points the way to redeeming the past.

A Story of Finding Balance

Witch-healer, Cailleen, spent a lifetime honing her gifts and teaching others - yet lately she feels discontent. She knows who she is as a Teacher, Healer, Writer and Priestess of the old ways. But who is she as just a woman? And in the midst of facing the quest of her life, what will she choose to do about the mysterious James?

Past Life Intrigue

Centuries ago, three people disturbed the delicate balance of spirit and power. Now, they have found each other again - can they right the wrongs, find balance and save the life of a child?

Earth-Centered Magic

Playing their parts right here in our 21st Century is a cast of characters whose lives interact from one century to another, not only on this plane of existence but also in the liminal world between. They are ordinary citizens -- writer, retired cop, lawyer, artist, talent agent, each one could be your next door neighbor – but they quietly practice a craft, an ancient wisdom tradition, that connects them to the energies of the natural world and opens them to the interconnections between themselves and all beings - past and present. 


When one of the tribe reclaims their true voice it is a gift to us all. This book is one of those songs, crafted to guide us all home to embodying our authentic knowing. ~ Mellissae Lucia, creator of The Oracle of Initiation 

" I read the book in three days. I found it captivating and easy to read. The Author kept you engaged from the first page to the last and can't wait for the next book. " Terra Fletcher

... You'll see in this book past lives, strong connections, magic, rituals, family secrets, drama, and romance. I like the idea of romance in the middle of all of that drama. - Cyci Cade, author of Dragon's Quest  

  C. Rhalena Renee crafts a beautiful story, which radiates back and forth between the past and present in a mysterious magic. This mystery cannot be understood without the power of community coming together for rituals, and healing. The circle of friends in this book discover how impactful their choices are, and how the denial of what truly is - can hold one hostage. Uncovering the stories within the mystery and beyond what is stored in their cellular memory, the circle begins to see how the threads are woven together. Until this happens they are held back from being their full selves.  These characters teach us that when we surrender to embrace the wholeness of who we are and work together, we can heal the past and the present. One cannot happen without the other! This book is a way shower of how you can merge the past with the present and find healing.  ~  Kris Steinnes Founder, Women of Wisdom Foundation Author of the best-seller, award-winning book, Women of Wisdom - Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

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Kris Steinnes interviews me on her radio show "Voices of Women". We talk about magic, nature, circles, characters from the book and more. 

It's More Than Just a Novel

Want a good read? In the Arms of the Spiral has something for everyone.

Want a peek into the life of a modern day witch? This is a book of fiction, but draws upon real life experiences, actual rituals and daily practices.

Want to learn a few tools to understand life as an empath, intuitive, psychic or sensitive? Each character has select gifts, see how they work with them.

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